Conoce y cuida tu Tarjeta para el Bienestar

In Mexico, students have access to scholarships and financial aid through their Tarjeta para el Bienestar (Card for Well-being). It is essential to understand the importance of taking care of this card, as it is the medium through which students receive their financial support.

The following recommendations are necessary to keep in mind to ensure the proper care for your Tarjeta para el Bienestar:

– Store your card, contract, and any other document related to your account safely.
– Change your NIP (Personal Identification Number) when you receive your card. Avoid using personal information like your birthday or age as your NIP, and never use numbers in a sequence like 1234 or repeated numbers like 0000.
– Keep your card in sight and never lend it to anyone.
– Don’t allow anyone to take pictures or make copies of the card.
– Never share the information printed on your card.

It is important to remember that your Tarjeta para el Bienestar is where your financial aid will be deposited, so it is your responsibility to keep it secure.

If you are unfamiliar with your Tarjeta para el Bienestar, a picture of what it looks like is shown on the Becas México website. It is best to take the time to become familiar with it and to take proper care of it to ensure that you receive the financial aid you need to support your education.

Overall, ensuring the correct use and care for your Tarjeta para el Bienestar will help you have a smoother process to access your financial aid and reach your academic goals.